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How do I start using "Quick Question" (F8)?

Maya Shoval
posted this on August 29, 2012, 4:07 PM

Quick Question enables you to send a screenshot of a problem to your Soluto supporter by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. Your PC supporter will receive an email with your questions, screenshot and additional real-time technical details showing what was happening on your PC at that exact point.

The "Quick Question" (F8) feature is available to all registered users of Soluto. If you're using the old version of Soluto, or have not registered the feature is not available. 


To start using "Quick Question" please follow these steps, depending on your situation:

I'm already using Soluto via the web, but have not registered:

  • To get started simply click to register with Soluto. The F8 key will be available on the next reboot.



I'm using the old desktop version of Soluto, and have never registered.

Follow these steps to create an account and register the PC online (no need to uninstall): 

  1. Go to our registration page at and register with your name, email and password or connect with Facebook, Live ID or Google: 


  2. Download and run the Soluto installer (no need to uninstall):


  3. The old desktop app will open when the operation is complete. Reboot the PC to get started! 

Already using F8 with another app? You can disable the keyboard shortcut and use this feature manually:
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