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Maya Shoval October 6, 2011 70 Support / Known Issues & Announcements

*** Updated: February 19th, 2015.

To setup a Soluto Business account, follow our how-to guide (download PDF here).

Please see our Payment FAQ page for a statement regarding our paid service. 

Check out our FAQs regarding Remote Access, the Chat feature and Windows Server support. 

--> If you run into any problems while running Soluto, or while registering the PC online, please check our Support troubleshooting guides or submit a ticket and include the log files, as described in the following how-to article

  • Windows Server supportserver support currently entails remote access to the machines, plus hardware and protection overviews. There is no boot information, and no tray icon. In addition, servers are considered "My device" and cannot be moved to the "People I Help" section.
  • Reports - we're aware of some issues with the Activity report not being sent or not available online.  
  • "Team members" - team members doesn't show up properly in Chrome and Firefox. As a workaround, you can add or manage team members with IE. 
  • Deleting old installation / "dead" invites - you might not be able to delete PC icons ("needs download"/"receiving data") from your dashboard. 
  • If you're using the F8 key and want to disable Soluto's F8 keyboard shortcut, please right click Soluto's tray icon --> Advanced --> un-tick "Enable Quick Question shortcut F8". You can still use the Quick Question option by right clicking Soluto's tray icon --> "Quick Question". 
    Learn more about the new Quick Question feature in our Quick Question FAQ.
  • If your PC is not available online, and the local installation has gone through, please try to refresh the page, or reboot the machine. If the issue persists, please open a support request and include the local data (see how-to guide
  • Using LastPass and can't log in? please disable LastPass' automatic log in on Soluto's website as it could cause problems login in. 
  • Using IE10/IE11 and seeing an empty Soluto when you log in? Please check the "Manage Add-ons" tab to make sure there are no strict privacy options under "Tracking Protection":
  • Protection: at the moment only Windows firewall is supported (meaning, you might have a 3rd party firewall installed and Soluto won't recognize it).
  • Protection: We're aware of issues with Windows Updates on Server machines as well as Windows clients. WU might also show as disabled for Windows 8.1 users. 
  • Frustrations: Clicking "My PC Just Frustrated Me" in Soluto's agent currently does not report the frustration to the website. 
  • Laptop detection currently depends on battery installed. If you've installed Soluto without the battery, it will be detected as Desktop, and vice versa.
  • Hardware: If you changed the physical RAM or replaced the CPU it will take a few days for the new data to be updated online.
  • Hardware: If you replaced your display card, we might still show the old one. 
  • Apps: Skype and Dropbox version offered for configuration are out of date. Once you setup either with Soluto, the app itself will update.  
  • Avatars (user icons): avatar changes to supportee's might not stay and revert back to defaults. 
"PC info is on it's way" - Please note it could take a little while for Soluto's client to sync with the servers. Please make sure the supported PC is connected to the internet and has not been shut-down immediately after installing Soluto. The sync process should not take more than 15 minutes, with the Background Apps available after reboot. 
If you have any questions or comments, you can post them in these forums, or contact us via email at


Latest version: 

Latest client version: 1.3.1494.0  (release date: 19/11/13).

Windows 8 latest client version: 1.3.1497.1 (release date: 08/12/13).

Installer version: 1.3.1498.0 (release date: 08/01/2014). 

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